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2018 Meetings

Meetings are complete for Winter 2018.

Stay tuned for Field Opening and Club Opener dates!



Some wet spots - be careful

As of May 9th

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 Southern RC Flyers
Club Information


 Club Executive

Mark Lesperance, President
Clayton Brown, Vice President
Terry Momney, Treasurer
Jeff Kuzniak, Secretary 

Club Overview

Our club welcomes members of all ages.  Our members must belong to MAAC.  The MAAC website is, you can see it on our 'Popular Links' page.  We encourage you to review the MAAC site to learn more about this great hobby.

In order to join our club you must pay annual membership fees and have your own equipment.  The club offers instruction free of charge.  Members are allowed to fly on their own after they fulfill the requirements of our 'Wings' program.  The Wings program insures you have learned the basics of airmanship and most importantly, the safety standards required to safely enjoy the hobby.

Our members fly a variety of models.  From 40 to 60 size nitro models, to 1/4 size gas scale and 3D models.  A few members are trying electric powered aircraft too.  There are a few members that fly helicopters as well.   Our field only allows FM and 2.4Mhz transmitters. A frequency board is installed at the field.  Our field is all grass and is well maintained by a small dedicated group of members.  We are proud of our field and the work they do for us.

Our field is available 7 days a week.  Weekdays from 9 am to dusk, week-ends 10 am to dusk.

Wednesday night is a popular night for our club and is usually well attended.  If you want to check-out what this hobby is about and would like to talk to some of our members that is a good night to come out.  See the map below for directions to our field.

During the winter months we meet on the second Monday of the month at Action Hobbies in Kingsville.  You can check out the Club Events calendar to confirm when the meetings are scheduled.  These meetings are held to conduct the routine  business of the club, but is open to anyone interested in our hobby.  It is a great place to get your questions answered.  If you would like to submit questions or have someone from the club contact you, use the 'Contact Us' page.

Location: 1182 Road 2 West, Kingsville, Ontario



Follow the signs when entering the 1182 driveway.  Our field is quite deep into the property
and requires a short drive back on a private lane.